Wild Child

A connection with nature enhances the deep curiosity of children. It opens them to a world of possibilities through imagination. It is the backdrop to the epic dramas they act out as artists and the scene of discoveries for their inner scientist.


“All children are born artists the goal is to remain a child” – Picasso


I would say not only are children artists – they are scientists.
I would say artists and scientists have a lot more in common than not.

The most valuable skill of the ever-changing future and a world of uncertainty – is creativity.

Artists or scientists – they both require creativity.


“Creativity is about making connections” – Steve Jobs


Nature explorations require children to look deeper than a surface glance.  Nature provides abundant examples of connection, cycles, change, transformation. It demonstrates things you would have thought impossible at first glance. 

It’s not hard to understand why our ancestors revered the cycles of the Earth.

Across the vastness of our solar system – life is rare.

Despite all difficulties, life is miraculous.

Despite difficult experiences of my childhood and other rural folks, I was lucky to have nature in abundance. It became the backdrop to my curiosity, a place to be alone in my imagination without interruption, a place to see the powerful resilience and transformations that happen in life. It allowed me to withstand a lot and also know that, in time, I too could transform like a seed, caterpillar, or cloud.

The only constant in life is change.

And things can change more than you could ever initially imagine.

Nature teaches be like a plant, always bend toward the light. 

Seasons change. 

and Don’t you ever stop trying.