Trauma and Recovery

Join me on a journey home to myself

When I was a little girl I remember swearing to myself that I would never let anyone hurt me.

To proclaim so made me feel strong and safe.

Like so many times in life, some things just don’t go as planned.

Sometimes the things we think we will avoid are near hardwired into us and we don’t even know it.

Like the people who came before us.

We play out our wounds in real time. Including the wounds, we inherit from the unresolved pain and patterns that came before us.

Trauma can happen from an incident, like a car crash, an illness…

But often trauma is a creature with tentacles that extend through the generations. Wounds that no one ever asked for.

It changes who you are and who you might become.

It’s taken a  long time but I’m working hard towards healing the wounds of my ancestors and those I was predisposed to acquiring and did – in my own lifetime.

After surviving some extreme domestic violence I have been forced to take many steps toward a genuine and authentic level of healing. I’m certainly not there yet. I don’t have all the secrets to heal all your pain. I haven’t yet healed mine. I can’t make all your dreams come true but I can teach a lot about what I’ve learned and what I know which is to never stop trying.

This blog is about all the things I’ve learned along the way, and continue to learn, and my opportunity to share them with you. Through my endless hesitations to be open I have realized I am still not free.

I’m still afraid.

but I’m not going quietly or gently into any good night and so here I am.

This blog will explore many things: wild edible plants, foraging, wildflowers, experimental gardening, herbal medicine, wildcrafting, traditional skills, fermentation, nourishing recipes, nature-based child activities, outdoor adventures, rural creativity and resilience and whatever else I nerd out about in life.

Thank-you for reading and now: PLANTS 🙂


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